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 I’ve been a client of Camarda for about 10 years now, since early in 2012. I really can’t say enough good things about them. For one, they took over and advised me on my existing portfolio, which was important since I had a lot of low basis stock that would have produced massive gains if they sold it all to go into other programs, like other advisors wanted to do. They worked closely with my CPA to make me very tax-efficient without cramping my retirement income. When my CPA retired, Camarda’s TaxMaster took over the taxes and has done a great job minimizing my capital gains and other taxes, and squeezing every deduction from my rental properties. Finally, they found a way to completely eliminate estate taxes for me and my family, a pretty impressive feat given my very unique situation and substantial net worth. I recommend them highly.                               
 - Christina X, Florida   
Dr. Camarda, your presentation (for the CPA continuing education you designed and taught to our firm) very good. I can definitely see that you have a lot of great knowledge to provide to clients… - Kevin A, CPA, Jacksonville 
 …Estate Planning … Our experience was pleasurable, efficient and educational. This was not our first will/trust and probably not the last. As we all know estate planning is ongoing with updates and revisions to keep pace with the ever changing laws, rules and regulations…involved discussion on client specific information.” - Angela & Phil, Florida   
 Outstanding service, very knowledgeable and suggested many ways to lower my taxes. Best service in over 30 years. Highly recommend...
  - John G Jacksonville 
We attended a Family Wealth and Education class on estate planning and tax minimization techniques. As we had always managed our own financial matters, we were simply interested in the issues of estate and tax control rather than total asset management. We were very impressed with Dr. Camarda and the attorney who presented the seminar outlining estate tax minimization techniques that were perfectly legal yet very effective in preserving wealth for future generations. During our first conversation with Dr. Camarda, he asked us to send all of our financial information to him, tax returns, brokerage and bank statements, insurance and annuity statements for a complimentary total financial analysis. Given his vast knowledge in a wide array of financial areas including insurance, taxation, and wealth management, he was able to discover that a large insurance policy that we had been misled into purchasing was a sitting time bomb. If nothing was done, we would stand to lose everything we had invested in the policy. Dr. Camarda made it his mission to delve into the policy details with the insurance company, even going as far as to contact attorneys specializing in insurance litigation who advised him that the chances of our recouping our premiums were slim to none. Dr. Camarda refused to accept that gloomy prospect and by knowing what buttons to push was about to get the insurance company to agree to return every cent in premium we had paid. The premiums were a huge amount of money we would have lost without the help of Dr. Camarda. We were so impressed that we have turned over management of all our financial matters to Dr. Camarda and his team of experts. We have a very experienced CFP who works with Dr. Camarda on our behalf in analyzing tax minimization as well as asset allocation issues to maximize our gains and protect us from the inevitable market downturns. Our adviser is always available to us so as to be there to answer any of our questions. We are grateful to Dr. Camarda for literally saving the day for us and recommend him highly. We are pleased to have found such a competent and honest firm to handle our assets. By handling our financial matters, it leaves us more time to enjoy time with our grandchildren without worrying about our financial matters. Thank you Dr. Jeff and your team! - Susan and Vince B

Dr. Steven Lee, University of California Riverside

  • Courses taught (25 classes, 2016-2021 and counting!
  • Professional Fiduciary Business Practices 
  • Introduction to Conservator of the Person & Conservator of the Estate 
  • ​Decedent Estates & Procedures 
  • ​Practical Applications of Accounting for the Professional Fiduciary 
  • ​Management of Estate Assets 
  •  Overview of Fiduciary Management 
 What letter grade would you give this instructor : A+ 
 This teacher was phenomenal…He taught it so the layman could understand the terminology and the well educated person could stay engaged and interested in the learning of the material. He is a great communicator and able to keep the subject interesting by providing real world examples and applying them to the principles of the course… 
 Steven Lee was a very engaging teacher, I enjoyed the class and look forward to the others in the series… 
 This course has an enormous amount of information… I really like the instructor, Steven Lee, and believe he worked very hard to make sure we are understanding the information presented 
Steven is a top-notch teacher. I have my doctorate meaning I have had many teachers. It is so rewarding a to have teacher who inspiring and enjoys teaching like Steven. Thank you  
I learned a lot in this class with Steven Lee. He is passionate about educating his students, and he is knowledgeable about Assets Management for sure  

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